January 23, 2017 – Jason Lorber, Regional Vice President, shared Salesforce’s solutions and ways its most successful clients are capturing a 360º view of customers, integrating data, and gaining visibility throughout organizations.

Operating in the cloud has empowered companies to utilize Salesforce, and other SaaS service providers, to launch, scale, and, if necessary, fail quickly with limited upfront investment in hardware or software. As a SaaS pioneer, Salesforce has stayed ahead of the curve by fostering an ecosystem of related SaaS business and responding to market trends. Jason hit upon two notable trends Salesforce is working to address (i) Satisfying the need for apps that are easy to use, scalable, fast to deploy, and have low entry costs; and (ii) Controlling a brand message and managing feedback in all channels, even those a company may not control.

Utilizing and compiling data from social, mobile, Internet of Things (“IoT”) enabled devices, and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), companies can not only obtain a deeper view into their customers, but can also provide service in new and innovative ways. For example, utilizing a combination of social, mobile, and AI, companies can compare client behavior with their entire client data set to determine those clients the company is at risk of losing and then preemptively address issues. Additionally, compiling data from IoT enabled devices, the device itself can signal when specific parts need to be serviced, order a service ticket, and dispatch parts or a team as necessary, creating a more seamless and effective customer experience.

Roughly 60% of a potential customer’s decision is made before ever contacting a merchant.[i] Customers are more frequently consulting digital and social media channels – channels a company does not hold control over – to form their own opinions. Integrating these public data sources within a company’s own data empowers a company to identify and remedy as much negative sentiment and to put forward the most positive sentiment possible. Further, online and mobile customer service transactions have surpassed phone transactions in recent years.[ii] Customers want to engage on their own terms, and utilizing these channels as well as incorporating these transactions into prospect and customer profiles is vital to providing the best possible customer experience.

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