CLEAR CAPITAL ADVISORS is a premier independent provider of strategic and financial advice on mergers, acquisitions, sales, private capital solutions, and strategic growth initiatives.

“Clear Capital Advisors ran a very professional, targeted process, and delivered an outstanding outcome. I was impressed with their understanding of our business, and support they provided throughout the transaction.”

Tony Moradian, Founder & CEO

“Clear Capital Advisors provided outstanding guidance and worked relentlessly through the close to meet our objectives. We are excited to enter into the next phase of growth for Quality Built and continue to expand our platform and offerings to provide the highest level of quality assurance to our customers, including many of the largest home builders in the U.S.”

Brian Kramer, CEO

“New Wave has flourished under employee ownership. This transaction will solidify our edge in being able to retain and attract the finest talent in entertainment marketing. Clear Capital Advisors has continued to deliver excellent advice and navigate the technical aspects of the ESOP structure to allow us to meet our goals in expanding ownership to our employees.”

Greg Woertz, CFO

“Clear Capital Advisors put our interests first through the close of the deal to deliver the best possible terms. We are thoroughly impressed with Clear Capital and could not imagine a better team of investment bankers to work with”

Deb Schwarz, CEO & Founder

“Clear Capital Advisors provided excellent guidance throughout this process. We credit our advisors for finding the ideal partner for our company to drive its future growth.”

David Kalmick, Founder, CompuLaw

“Clear Capital Advisors was continually responsive to our needs throughout a complex transaction. We view Bruce Pompan as a trusted financial partner, not just a service provider.”

Cesar Scolari, Founder & CEO, Staffworks, Inc.